Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Benefits of having a business website: 

A few of the benefits for a small business with a business websites....
  • Increased Market Size: Any business website broadens the market reach for your business. Local retailers can market or sell products across the country or world.
  • Expanded Availability to customers: Your websites gives your customers access to your business 24/7 with very little increase in overhead or employment costs. Even if you don't have an online catalog, having your information available allows the customers to at least look at their convenience.
  • Increased Sales: If your small business website includes an online shopping cart or e-commerce solution you can increase your sales with little additional cost. A professional online catalog will cost you nothing less than $150 per month.....a value that's hard to pass up.
  • Reduced Information Distribution Costs: Practically every business distributes some sort of information, products sell sheets, technical specifications, catalogs, order forms, proposals etc. A business websites allows you to provide that information in real time when customer needs it at almost no cost.
  • Customers Require It: This is probably the most important benefits of having a business website. Today with internet usage reaching. If you own a business today your customers EXPECT you to have a websites. This expectation almost requires you to have some sort of interactive, dynamic web presence and to have online ordering enabled.
  • The Internet makes it possible to communicate with your customers on their terms within their time-table. It makes it possible to automate information dissemination and customer service. Even if you don't use the Internet to increase your market reach and revenue, the Internet has make it possible to keep your customers happy.
There are lots of benefits to having a business website. But the most important is that an Internet website is nw a customer requirement.

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